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dehydrated & rehydrated


These are classified as ‘raw’ because the tomatoes and herbs were dehydrated in temperature below 41 degrees celcius… Is this science or cooking?

First the cherry tomatoes were dehydrated with organic herbs from my herb garden, Rosemary, Lemon Basil and Mint.  After 24 hours of drying, I placed them in a sterilized jar and poured extra virgin cold pressed Olive Oil to rehydrate them again.  That’s how simple good food can be.  Not sure what I will do these, but I could always toss them into a brown rice salad, maybe even a cashew cheese whipped dip, a pizza, a creamy pasta for something a little more indulgent and cooked, or a zoodle dish, or if you like to keep it simple like me, a platter with cured meats, soft cheeses and crackers.

My dehydrator sits around not doing anything most times, and since buying a few raw cook books, I am overwhelmed at the different foods I can make by simply placing them into my machine and leaving them be for a day.  Most people would chop up fruit and vegetables and place them in the dehydrator, but the dehydrator opens up a new world of food creation.  You can make pastes and raw bread and cracker doughs to create dehydrated bread, which technically is raw because it has not been baked over 41 degrees.  My next project will be to make raw donuts in the dehydrator.


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