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Edible flowers.


What was this lady thinking?  She’s picked these flowers from her garden, has probably waited a few hours for her ride to the market, and expects to sit there all morning hoping to sell them before they wilt, and Miss Jackie comes along and buys them all, even the ones that haven’t been displayed, in less than 2 minutes.  A great morning, but then she has nothing to do for a few hours while waiting for the market to close.

Who would have thought you could find Zucchini flowers in Port Moresby?  A casual visit to a Sunday market and there they were, ridiculously cheap.  My other half asked me if I was going to eat them, and I said, yes ‘WE’ are going to eat them.  I will need to find a tub of ricotta, pick some fresh basil and mix in some salt and pepper, make up a tempura batter and then deep fry.  Amazingness for a Sunday.



2 thoughts on “Edible flowers.

  1. I love it Jackie you are a treasure. I am off to Nz to help my Mum move house see you in July. Hope things are ok with you & yours. Thinking of you all
    Love Kathrynxx

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