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raw juice w sweet passionfruit

raw juice

To continue with the ‘raw’ goals, every morning I have been drinking juice and trying different flavours.  I wanted to share this blend today because it really is tasty and amazing and also because I was very proud of my trip to the market where I picked up the most juiciest organic locally grown cucumbers and sugar passionfruit.  I always pick up so much inspiration when I visit the local markets in PNG, I learn a lot from the growers how they would eat and prepare their produce, it’s funny telling them I am just going to throw it into a juicer and drink it…

I juiced red papaya, pear, cucumber and ginger, and then simply scooped out the little bundles of sticky sugary seeds from the local passionfruit, for a little bit of bite.  In Asia you can get these fun drinks called bubble tea where you pick your flavours and fillings, I always go with the almond milk and sago pearls.  My raw juice this morning reminded me of how simple little pleasures can be fun and interesting while still being healthy.

And you may have noticed the attempt to grow sprouts in the back ground?  I was pretty close to throwing those in the juicer, but instead they will be going into a raw salad over the next few days.


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