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Doodles of Zoodles & Kelp Noodles


When I first posted this on Instagram, I tagged it as ‘doodles’ and later when reading it, I thought ‘damn those phones with the over sensitive touchpads!’.  That will teach me for being so eager to post without proof reading.

So the doodles were delicious! LOL!  This is yet another raw meal for me, my side was a super slow cooked piece of brisket, so my meal was not completely raw but in sticking with my goals, the plate was 80% doodles, and 20% brisket.  I am now asking myself why I don’t just go completely vegetarian because I rarely eat meat these days, but I believe that if I started that, then being vegetarian might be more difficult, just because of the sheer pressure.  Right now, I am quite relaxed about my eating and it doesn’t stress me out, only when I visit restaurants that have vegetarian options but they are either deep-fried or cooked with cream!

Should I talk about the doo… sorry Zoodles?  So it was very simple, a grated carrot, two large spiralised zucchini, cashew nut meal, Spanish onion and handful of kelp noodles.  The dressing was a sesame and soy dressing with agave syrup, dates and garlic and ginger… oh my goodness the dressing was good enough to drink.


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