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How exciting to be making my first batch of home brew kombucha.  A friend kindly shared his latest ‘scoby’ for which I am so grateful.  Kombucha is my favourite probiotic drink, any flavour is great.  Since I am in control, I am making a Jasmine and Lemongrass Kombucha.  A week from now, kombucha and sauerkraut will be ruling my kitchen bench.

Why drink Kombucha?  Because it contains healthy bacteria, and aids in digestion and helps in establishing a healthy gut.  Believe it or not, probiotics is great for mental heath, weight loss, increased energy and the list goes on…

If you have never tried Kombucha, it has a fermented flavour and is slightly fizzy, my favourite flavours are citrus and ginger based, and thankfully there are endless combinations to try.  I think I will have fun with this!


2 thoughts on “kombucha

  1. Hi Jaqueline, I was so happy to find your blog!I am moving to Port Moresby from Canada in about 6 weeks and was wondering if you are selling any of your scoby babies (if you have any) or if you know where I can get one. I am brewing kombucha here and want to be able to continue when I get to POM but I don’t know if I can bring my scoby with me.
    Amber O

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    • Hi Amber, You can have one… I am only just starting to reproduce my scoby and have a little hotel going for them, so touch base with me when you get here. You can email me on, or leave your details with the girls at the Edge Café and I am more than happy to share! X


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