Yam & Kau Kau (Sweet Potato) Hash

Yam & Kaukau (Sweet Potato) Hash


Yam and Kaukau are great alternatives to the regular potato as there is a slightly more nutty flavour, the texture is more glutinous and I find it far more filling.  Yams and Kaukau are on the top of the local staple list in PNG, and this provides a different way of enjoying these root vegetables.


1 small yam

1 large sweet potato

2 bunches of spring onion

Salt & pepper

½ tsp mild chilli flakes

2 tbsp Sunflower or canola oil



Peel the yam and Kaukau at the same time and grate both into a large bowl.  You should have a ratio of about 1:2 of yam to kaukau.  The yam is quite a glutinous and wet vegetable and you don’t want a gluggy hash.

Heat the pan to high and add the oil, add the grated yam and kaukau and spring onion.  Stir gently in the pan making sure everything is evenly distributed coating all the ingredients in the oil, add the salt and pepper and chilli flakes.  Flatten the ingredients with a large flat spatula covering the surface of your pan creating a ‘pancake’.  Let the cake cook and the base should become crisp.  Turn over with a large flat spatula keeping the pancake intact.  I turned my hash pancake twice because I like a super crispy cake.

Remove from the pan when ready and using the same pan, add a little more oil and fry your eggs.  Cut the hash pancake into desired pieces and top with a fried egg.

This is so good with hot chilli sauce!  Enjoy!


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