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Raw Juice

sweet potato juice

Generally I lead a healthy and fit well being, and occasionally you may be lucky to have that humbling experience for a few days where you get to visit a place where vegetables and fruit are grown naturally and organically.  We forget what vegetables and fruit are supposed to taste like, even what they are supposed to look like, it’s all lost in modified food, genetically designed seedlings, hybrids and so forth.  I get the reasons behind it all, but it’s not my preference.  If I could live a holistic life to feed my mind, body and soul, I would do it in a heart beat… pardon the pun.

This morning I am feeding my cravings for raw vegetable and fruit juice.  Today I juiced orange and purple sweet potatoes that are such a rarity in Port Moresby, but an abundance in the Islands which I visited recently.  I never would have thought to juice sweet potatoes, or Kau Kau as it’s called locally, but they are in fact very nutritious and high in vitamin A, C, D and E – ok the whole alphabet just about.  Either way, it’s raw and nothing is lost, maybe just a bit of the fibre.

I juiced Ginger, Lemon, Cucumber, Papaya, Purple and Orange sweet potatoes and a Mandarin.  Delicious and fresh.  The benefits can only really be felt on a long term, regular basis, but a day or two of conversion will do the world of good for the soul.


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