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Fast & healthy breakfast


This is my usual breakfast when doing a cleanse or a shed.  No carbs, just tomato, spinach, eggs (I do like mine with yolk) and a side of sauerkraut.  Put everything except eggs and sauerkraut into a small pan, just heating the spinach through, crack in the eggs, put under a grill and then add a few spoons of sauerkraut on the side.  So easy, that took 6 minutes…or may be 6 and 30 seconds. 🙂  It’s a perfect little meal after a great morning of paddleboarding in the harbour.

I was telling someone the other day, now I have a constant supply of sauerkraut in my fridge and when I make myself a meal I first take out a jar of sauerkraut and decide from there what I will eat.  Sauerkraut can be enjoyed with just about everything, so it’s not hard to incorporate on a daily basis.  I eat sauerkraut twice a day on average.  I don’t have to buy expensive probiotic tablets anymore.  I am also really happy to learn that 60gm of home made sauerkraut contains more probiotic bacteria than a bottle of probiotic tablets.

Why do we need probiotics?  There are lots of books on this, but in a nutshell we need good bacteria in our gut to break down the nasties and encourage healthy digestion.  I noticed that since I eat sauerkraut daily, I am not feeling the bloat and my immunity is very strong in that I have maintained my health while others around me have been sick.  Food for thought.


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