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Sushi rolls for Hurricane Mason


You know when Hurricane Mason has arrived home.  I turn around and within minutes my oil burner has been blown out, my music turned off, one shoe at the door, the other in the middle of the dining room, swimmers on the floor, towel half way to the laundry and then I hear, ‘Mum, where are my Sushi rolls?’.  Mason appears patiently at the kitchen bench and within minutes the rolls have disappeared and I cant keep up with production.  I don’t make rolls very often, they are a lot of work for such a rapid consumption.  But seeing the end result is worth it… sticky rice on the fingers, some up the nostrils, a few stuck on the eye lashes and best of all full munching cheeks.  This is clearly my son’s favourite thing to eat.

These imperfect rolls are filled with Tonkatsu fried chicken, fresh cucumber and kewpie mayonnaise.


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