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Growing up with Sinigang


I remember eating this soup on Saturday afternoons with my Mother and her Filipino wantoks, I was the only that couldn’t understand Tagalog, and they never talked about me… it was just my name they dropped every second sentence.  When Filipino women get together, the food spread is not short of a colourful feast showcasing the likes of baby squid cooked in their own ink, crispy fish, green mango, blood pudding, sweet rice cakes and then there was always a Sinigang, or in English terms ‘Sour’ soup, sometimes with prawns and fish, and other times with tender pieces of pork.  The food is always the motivator but I actually enjoyed the hours of sitting around a table watching these ladies eat rice with their fingers and speak a language just as vibrant as the food…

My little one ate Sinigang for the first time last night, it was a bit of a test, for both myself having cooked it for the first time, and to see if that quarter Filipino he has in him was born or if I would have to encourage it… all Filipino children grow up on this dish, and it’s an acquired soury taste… at the age of 4, and being the fussy eater that he is, he loved it.



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