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Raw Cheese cakes


How to convince those that are not into this kind of food to eat this kind of food… I cant be bothered, if you like the idea then you will be open to trying it, otherwise there is always Sara Lee and Sara Lee does make great cheese cakes.  I guess if you have a real intolerance to dairy and gluten, this is a fantastic option, and if you are following a paleo diet, or raw diet, this is perfect.  I personally like the idea of eating raw foods, I know the nutrients and enzymes are still high and have not been destroyed by heat, so your body doesn’t need as much to replenish what is lost through our metabolism, and what is needed to repair our cells.  I should also add that raw food is amazing for the skin… just putting it out there.

These cakes are made up primarily of nuts and fruit.  How does one have a cream cheese filling without cream cheese?  It’s called cashew cream with fresh lemon juice, I was at first not sure if this could really replace cream cheese, but I would be happy not to have another cheese cake again if this was offered to me, the resemblance is surprising.  Cashew cream is pure cashews blended with virgin, cold pressed coconut oil and lemon juice… I also added blueberries to make this a ‘blueberry’ cheese cake.  I could freeze this, or share them with my ‘like-minded’ friends…




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