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Wing Beans & Okra for my meatless dinner.


I like to find local produce that intrigues me, where I see something I have never eaten or cooked before.  I love asking the local vendor how they would cook what they are selling, then it becomes a sort of public forum, where other sellers nearby eavesdrop, and some even come over and they speak in pidgin to one another not realising I am fluent, and by the end of it, you have a bunch of seriously cute market sellers who are all laughing at themselves and me because I understood everything that was being said, and my dinner is already planned.  What to do with wing beans and okra?  Well the possibilities are endless, but when asking the locals their response was to either fry with other vegetables or boil with meat.  I prepared my beans and okra and fried them in oyster sauce and Kecap Manis, a few cloves of garlic and half an onion.  To my bowl of rice I added Atchara pickles, Sriracha (for which I have a serious obsession), and then topped the remaining space with my veg stir-fry.  It was so delicious, and probably cost no more than K5.  Not so bad for a Wednesday night in.


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