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Pit-Pit, Winged Beans, Okra…


5.30am on a Sunday is not too early to be visiting a fruit and vegetable market.  Driving in Port Moresby at this hour is wonderful.  Today we drove through heavy fog, it was an adventure… well it was for me.  Some of the market vendors were a bit late due to the weather and fog, so next time, I will consider preparing a flask of coffee, it seemed to be the only thing missing as the scenery and air was a delightful change.  In saying that, we bought two coconuts, cracked them open and drank fresh Kulau…

Considering my vegetarianism 3 days a week, I wanted to climb out of the usual veg seen and try out some of the local produce and I was spoilt for choice this morning.  Pit-Pit is in season, and I know in a few weeks we will see some really big healthy crop come through, I bought my first bunch of winged beans, which I love, but have never cooked for myself.  Okra, or lady fingers were abundant, as well as guava and so many more tempting edibles.  I will only buy what my basket can hold, so the answer is to buy a bigger basket.

Nothing beats buying from the market, the shine, vibrance and plumpness of the produce is at its peak.  And you never know who you will meet while you are out there… Celebrity chefs from overseas perhaps? 🙂


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