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Banana curry


My vegetarian dinner tonight is a melting pot of local cooking bananas, pumpkin, red lentils, coconut milk and home grown organic lemongrass.  A good friend shared a bunch of bananas with me, hoping it would be those sweet type that turn purple when cooked.  I messaged my friend and asked, ‘how long do these need to cook before they turn color?’  My answer was that her half of the bunch did not turn purple, which meant mine would not either.  I was imagining a beautiful emulsion of orange, red and purple – like a christmas sunset – on my dinner plate tonight, but instead I am stuck with an equally amazing curry which smells of freshly cut lemongrass and coconut and so much sweetness and spice… a closer look at the banana reveals a slight discolouration in the centre, but I don’t believe these are the special ones I am looking for.  My search continues.


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