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Dydrated Kimchi, thinking outside of the jar.


Is there such a thing?  Apparently you can even further preserve your preserves by dehydrating them.  I have lots of Kimchi right now, my dehydrator needs some work, and I need to try something different.  This is taking probiotic food to another level, you need to be well equipped, passionate and creative to pursue this experimentation with food.  This is for those that ask me what I like to do on Sundays…

What will I do with dehydrated Kimchi besides photograph it?  I will hopefully enjoy it in salads, sprinkled onto soup, sprinkled on top of Buddha bowls, eaten with roasted vegetables.  I may even pound some into a powder and use it as seasoning… ok, this would be taking preserved preserves to yet another level, and you know the best thing about all this is that we are still dealing with a ‘raw’ and ‘probiotic’ product.  This is the beauty of the food world.  Anything is possible with edibles as long as you maintain standards of hygiene and safety, particularly with fermentation.


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