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Sunday muffins for a rainy day.


My absolute favourite dessert is apple pie, and my standard is that the pie should be at least as high has my index finger is long, with fresh cream or real vanilla ice cream.  Food can sometimes be the way to the heart, and if I could wish for anything on Valentine’s Day, it would be to watch a move (preferably thriller) with a HUGE slice of apple pie…  When you cant have this, there is always an alternative.

Here I have made a giant warm breakfast muffin cake with loads of apple coupled with organic cashews, topped with a sticky dollop of creamy cashew butter and sprinkled with the brightest and crunchiest Pepitas…  My kind of comfort food.  I am calling it a breakfast muffin, because it would be perfect for that, but let’s not restrict food to a particular time of the day.  I often like to eat breakfast meals for dinner.



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