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When life gives you lemons, use them in your sauerkraut.


What would life be like without challenges?  My first batch of sauerkraut was a flop, and after nights of losing sleep over it, I realised I missed the most important step… the salting process.  Without that, my sauerkraut was pretty much ‘shit’.  Much like life when you finally realise what is missing.

So what do you in the next batch?  You make sure you don’t miss the most important step, and then you take the opportunity to use new ingredients and add more flavour just to make things interesting… you know… just like life.  Now I have an amazing batch of sauerkraut which I am happy to announce to the world is super tasty and if somehow a lemon was to be thrown at me, I could simply add it to my sauerkraut and smile, because nothing can ruin this base of hot and spicy, salty and vinegary.


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