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Acai Bliss


I love making raw treats, there is therapy in the process and the reward is eating something so yummy and healthy.

Made with soft organic Medjool dates, coconut, Acai Berry powder, soaked raw cashews then rolled and dipped in fine dessicated coconut.  Included in my recipe is a bit of sprinkling of love, a few drops of passion and bliss.

Acai Berries are known to contain more antioxidants than other berries, they are high in fibre, good for heart health, assists in weight loss and to cut a lost list short, being high in antioxidants, Acai is also very good for the skin.  I get asked what I do in my daily skin care routine, and my answer is a tablespoon of Acai Berry powder in my smoothies… I also have probiotic skin care and more recently I have started using a cream containing bee pollen, but I believe good skin is more about what you consume, inhale and ingest.



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