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Rule 1. Don’t wear a white t-shirt when prepping with Turmeric.  Rule 2. Wear your oldest cut-offs so they look older.  Rule 3. Enjoy the process, get into the vibe and play some music while massaging the cabbage.  So this was what I did today.  Oh and last rule… wash your hands before you give your son a motherly pinch on his cheeks, especially when you’ve just been handling chilli and caenne pepper.

Today I am experimenting more with sauerkraut and kimchi fermentation and looking at different flavour combinations.  The aim is to come up with the perfect recipe that my customers will enjoy, and I can soon manufacture on a small scale and pass on some raw, healthy food prep to my girls that have worked with me for the past years.  Hopefully I can leave it with them one day to continue.

The previous round wasn’t very successful, my dad told me yesterday… expert in Sauerkraut, and we both agreed something was missing.  I think you will agree that this post pic is looking more promising.  Fingers crossed, I really cant wait to lift the lid off this one.



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