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i love it raw…


Have you noticed the raw theme?  Fermentation, probiotics, raw food prep… This is where I am heading… FYI Champagne and Wine ‘do’ fall under ‘raw’.

This morning I woke up and had this drive to make some raw sweet treats.  I make them occasionally and they are usually sell out, so why not keep it up right?  You need kilos and kilos of raw nuts and seeds, luscious dates, dried coconut and cacao powder and the list goes on, to make these delightful treats.  So it’s lucky I have a wonderful supplier that gives me the best in organic.  Organic is not just a label for me, it means that what I am eating is not loaded with chemicals, and that I am not leaving any nasties in my digestive system or my skin, if you eat an FTG product, you know it’s good for you.  I should also add that one raw cookie or ball is enough energy and appetite satisfaction for hours.

This tempting pic features my raw oat and granola cookies with a drop of cashew cream and a Gogi berry.  So much goodness!


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