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My kind of muffin top.


I presented this muffin with nothing but a knife (a vintage one which I picked up for $1 somewhere) because it has to be sliced open – just so you can see it is jam packed with grated carrot and apple and coarsely shredded coconut (organic)… then it has to be spread with something and this is where I leave it open to you to decide.

I would eat mine with just plain butter and drizzle of maple syrup, but of course if you have the time and inclination you could whip up some cream cheese and a bit of crushed pineapple and use that a spread, or a thick pasty cashew butter will do beautifully.  Imagination is an exciting thing, it’s how I continue to dream up my recipes…


One thought on “My kind of muffin top.

  1. Imagination IS an exciting thing! It’s prob one of the best abilities we have to be creative! This muffin looks amazing I love all the healthy ingredients like carrot and coconut going on there! Yum can already smell it in my oven 🙂


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