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A light lunch.

cheese&crackers & sauerkraut

As I enjoy my super light lunch, I am putting plans together for a few exciting projects and developments this year for FTG.

If you have been following me lately, you’ll see I attended a small workshop on fermentation and pickling, and it was a fascinating experience, a real pleasure in learning from our teacher.  A group of 4 of us were interested in this topic for different reasons, and I simply want to know more about preservation of raw ingredients.

Pickling and fermenting food was a way of life, it was all about preserving seasonal fruit and vegetables to make them last longer throughout the non seasonal period, and it was also a way to preserve produce that would otherwise go off and be thrown out.  Aside from that, fermented food is amazingly healthy with all the good, live bacteria that forms throughout the fermentation and pickling process, for a healthy digestive environment.  I love the idea of fermenting for all those reasons, currently I freeze a lot of fruit like pineapple, so that I can keep having it in my smoothies when the season slows down, but now I can add pineapple into my sauerkraut and relishes along with other wonderful fruits and vegetables grown here in Port Moresby… freezing has become boring and is limiting.


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