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Swopping meals.


This week, I am attending a course on fermentation and pickling, I hope to be making some amazingly healthy sauerkraut with interesting ingredients and flavours and learning more about the fermentation process and the health benefits.  Basically I want to know all there is to know about.  I am equipping myself for exciting things to come for FTG this year (fingers crossed!!).

Breakfast meals are my favourite and tonight I decided on something light and healthy.  A slice of wholemeal toasted, sliced avocado, soft fried egg, generous grinding of salt and pepper, and a large spoonful of red cabbage sauerkraut.  So simple and so delicious… these are the 5 minute wonder meals that cover all the bases.

Sauerkraut is my new favourite addition to a meal.  A lot of people eat it for the dietary and health benefits, but I also appreciate it for the sour and salty crunch that it gives to any meal.  It can be added to a sandwich, rice dish, a salad… just about anything.  It’s so good for the health of your gut.





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