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The ultimate stuffed bun.


I couldn’t think of anything nicer to eat in a bun.  I would change the bun to wholegrain or even swop it for a Chinese steamed bun, but there are none available.  The filling is what matters here anyway – lemongrass and turmeric baked chicken with a creamy Asian slaw which is flavoured with peanut butter and roasted sesame seeds.

The chicken was seasoned overnight with my own blend of spices which I call the Fiery Dragon spice mix… I have family members who call me when they have run out and so I prepare glad bags for everyone.  Here is hoping that one day I can have the mix manufactured because it’s really very good and the most convenient and versatile spice mix.  It can be used with any type of meat and cooked any type of way.

The picture is the end result of stuffed buns which have been prepared by my apprentice chef.  She is very proud of her work and so keen to continue learning about good food.  I love producing work for my Clients, but I love seeing all of that being passed on and watching the process.


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