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Nut & Seed Bread


So I made bread with nuts and seeds, no sign of flour, egg, dairy, sugar… then I ate it with Nutella and it had all of the above!

I really did enjoy this, and it’s probably the cleanest slice of bread one can eat, but it must be enjoyed with a huge dollop of nutella, or for a savoury bite it would be amazing with some chickpea and avocado mash, shaved smoked ham, a drizzle of freshly made pesto and loads of cracked pepper and sea salt.  This is my idea of wholesome and clean and I could easily enjoy as a light dinner.

If you are wondering what the bread comprises, it’s sunflower seeds, oats and whole almonds bound together with psyllium husk and flaxseed, coconut oil and a few drops of real organic maple syrup, slow baked for over an hour.  It holds well together and resembles pumpernickel… which is probably why I enjoy it so much, my father eats a lot of pumpernickel.



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