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Little winners


I am calling them Chococonut because the cakes are loaded with shredded organic coconut and coconut milk, and the icing is a simple (and so delicious) chocolate buttercream.  I like to call it a ‘balanced’ treat, although it is on the more indulgent side.  I made these for a Client whom I supply to on a daily basis, small amounts but it’s an interesting customer to have because they like to have something different all the time, but give me the freedom and creativity… A nice little café by the water.

They like to change it most days, but in saying that, they do have a small best seller list which they would happily buy every day, and I am proud to say that is my carrot, banana and coconut loaf – my own developed recipe from scratch.  Why is it so popular?  Because it’s so wholesome, the coconut flour blend, binds the carrots beautifully in a dense and moist banana bread.  You cant really go too wrong with a banana bread in your café, but if you’re picky like me, it must have a special element in it for me, because I know what I can make for myself.  The Cafe’s clients like it because it’s also the most generous helping of wholesome you can get.  I love mine with a hot coffee – so simple.


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