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Brownie, ice cream, brownie.


French vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between FTG Brownies, otherwise known as ‘treat heaven’, was the dessert for our visitors tonight.  I confess, I did not have one, the only reason being that I would not be able to stop at one.  It’s a very decadent treat, and should really be eaten with your hands so that you can bite into the cold hard brownie to reach the creamy soft centre.

These are not the easiest to prepare, I blame the heat more than anything.  There is the brownie prep which is baked in two separate dishes and completely cooled down, and then the ice cream which has to be partially melted before spreading and sandwiching, then placing in the freezer to mould everything together, and then finally the cutting up… It’s a multi-step process.  I should add at this point, that I ate all those uneven bits that were not part of the perfectly cut pieces.  Whilst I love the idea of ice cream sandwiches, I would probably just consider good old round cookies with a spoon full of ice cream in between.  Now there is a thought for an exciting post in the future.