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Atchara, Filipino pickles.


So I am keeping in line with my fermenting theme for now because I seem to be having a small love affair with this aspect of food prep.

The Filipinos really know their food and flavours, they bring so many unique elements together and the cooking styles are so diverse, they make some of the best roast pork I have ever eaten, and the melt in your mouth stews loaded with peanuts, in contrast with sour mango and crispy anchovies dipped in vinegary sauce.  One of my favourite things is Atchara, the pickles which truly belong to this colourful food culture of the Filipinos.

Atchara is the most versatile condiment you can ever have in your fridge.  It goes with anything and everything.  Personally, I love Atchara mixed into meatloaf mince with a bit of the syrup, it is also adorable in sandwiches and wraps, and over the weekend a friend had put some into rice paper rolls with roast duck and fresh vegies… it takes any finished meal you have on a plate, to another level.  Atchara simply consists of green papaya, carrots, raisins, ginger and onion.  The pickling mix can be your choice of vinegar and sugar, mine is with apple cider and natural raw sugar with a few peppercorns.  Each to their own, and I am sure in the smaller villages in the Philippines where this delectable pickles are found home made in everyone’s pantry, each home cook will have their own twist and character to theirs.  I give this 10 stars out of 10.  The only bad thing about Atchara is when it runs out.  Yes it is that good.



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