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Home brewed Ginger Beer w Jasmine Tea


Twisting the bottle for the first time and releasing the gas, and hearing those bubbles made me super excited over this home brew.  It is a naturally fermented probiotic drink made from my ginger bug which I have been feeding and nurturing for a week.  The end result is a light alcoholic beverage that is light, bubbly, refreshing and it’s so good for you!  I am most excited about the different flavours one can play with.  Here I have Jasmine tea, but the options are endless with different fruit teas and juices.   So in order to keep this going, I have to keep feeding my ginger bug every week, so that I can continue to borrow the culture and continue to make probiotic drinks.  I think these would make a perfect breakfast drink… no that would not make me an alcoholic!



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