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Another perfect summer eat, light and crisp karaage chicken pieces with wedges of fresh lemon.  Picturing a poolside, a bucket of ice with chilled apple ciders, and a platter of this amazing chicken with lemon wedges and a bottle of Japanese mayo, and not to mention your favourite company.

Karaage is also nice in wraps, in sushi rolls with pickled ginger or even on a fresh baguette with shredded lettuce and aioli.

I cooked this tonight because I was craving something deep fried, the only things I can be bothered to deep fry (because it is a lot of effort), are home made spring rolls and karaage chicken.  The recipe for my karaage chicken is under the recipe section.  This time I added a few drops of pure sesame oil, and once I coated the chicken pieces in cornflour, I let them sit for a while to allow a crust to form before frying.  The chicken turned out perfect.  And now my step daughter knows how to make karaage chicken.


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