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Orange chips & crushed herbs


What to do when you have too many of one thing and you cant stand it going to waste?  If you have a dehydrator, you can throw anything into that and be as creative as you want to be.  You are wondering what I did with freshly dehydrated oranges, herbs and yoghurt?  (yes that is good, wholesome Greek Yoghurt).  Well I went for a marinade to smother my chicken with, which was then slow baked for a few hours.  The yoghurt disappeared, it helped to tenderise the chicken, and the herbs and orange chips were rehydrated and it smelt like summer in a baking dish.  So easy.  Time consuming, but so easy.  The herbs and oranges take up to 12 hours to dehydrate, but the result is exciting, and it allows time to think of amazing uses and recipes.

Now what else could I do with dehydrated oranges?  That would be another post.


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