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FTG is a year old!


This week last year, I started Fock That’s Good.  What was first an idea, has now become a lifestyle, a brand, a product and an image.  In the development of FTG, I started creating my own recipes, and then moving into different avenues of food, like experimenting with raw, paleo, low sugar, natural, organic, holistic and in travelling this exciting journey, I started to gain a small following and I was receiving emails, posts and messages asking about my fitness choices, my food choices and so forth.  I found myself celebrating 10 followers, and then 20.  It then didn’t matter how many were following… in saying that I decided to hop on and check my stats – 463 registered followers on the FTG Blog in 12 months.   349 FTG Facebook followers, and 90 something Instagram followers, and happy to say it is all ‘organic’ growth, and not marketed or bought in any way.

Thank you for supporting me, I am totally blessed to live this amazingly healthy, interesting and vibrant life.  The support has fuelled my creativity.

Most people celebrate with a bit of cake or champagne, I thought it would be nice to make some muffins (of course!) with a few of my favourite ingredients.  Choc chips, and my word these are CHUNKY.. Cashews, dulche de leche and a slice of sweet local banana.  It does not get any better than this for the humble muffin.



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