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A little extra coffee wont hurt.


So my mornings are high energy… it starts with a tea drink which is equivalent to 20 green teas – or so it tells me on the packaging, I do a workout – boxing, I drink coffee, I prepare lunch and morning tea for the little man about the house, and this morning I made a cake… it is totally working against me, with my mission to cut out sugars, and reduce caffeine intake because it gives me heart burn.  Ahhh!  What to do??  Well the answer is, stop stressing about and just have some.  There is more heart burn related to stress then there is to a hit of coffee in a cake.

Super moist, sweetened and caramelised with brown sugar and then swirled with a bit of coffee.  This cake wont hurt anything but the person that is missing out.  I love super simple treats.


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