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The holy grail of egg tarts.


You haven’t had an egg tart until you’ve flown to Hong Kong, it is arguable where the best egg tart can be found but the Lord Stow is for sure a contender.  Wether you Google it, or ask a well seasoned traveller, most will tell you that the Lord Stow egg tart is a must try.  How convenient that the Hotel we are staying in should have them in the lobby – of course I didn’t know that.

So what is it about these little parcels that makes people drool and talk about?  Is it the pastry or the filling that makes this tart incredible?  Or is it that special marriage of the two… my first bite of this tart started with the light-as-air custard filling, and then the crunch of the pastry I cant even describe.  There is no tart like it that I have ever tasted.

The next two weeks will be filled with more egg tarts and other culinary delights that Hong Kong has to offer, and then some more egg tarts to finish.  Did I mention egg tarts?  No this is not a healthy or cleansing detox trip… this is a holiday.  In saying that, the first sight to see for me was the gym, this is where I will be at 6am each morning.  I will be sharing everything that inspires me in the food world.


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