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Summer breaky.


You cant wish for a more refreshing and wholesome breakfast.  I always say that every bit counts in a meal, so we have a double hit of anti-oxidants from the kiwifruit and strawberries, and the overnight chia and oat pudding is loaded with acai berry powder.  The mango was so sweet, all that natural sugar was a real pleasure… I had to take my share before my little one claims the whole entire fruit.  Unfortunately we only get mangoes as gorgeous as this once a year, well at least once that I know of.

This week I am doing a sort of ‘cleanse’, cutting out bread and other nasties, for this week only – I don’t believe in cutting out everything permanently.  In chosing to do this cleanse, I had to pick the hottest week of the year so far, my detox process is elevated in this heat, but loving it nevertheless.  My energy level is bouncing back again.  It’s not to say I haven’t been eating well, but a few extra fries here and a little too much meat there, for what my body is ‘used’ to, has set me out of rhythm and taken a small toll.  It’s amazing what your body becomes accustomed to, and how it operates when small changes are made.


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