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Wholefoods on Saturday in Port Moresby.


This place we live in is an exotic paradise with lots of amazing produce, cocoa and coffee being some of the best in the world.  I do however believe there are a few things lacking like ready made foods that are wholesome and nutrition.  I started this path of wholefoods early this year, exploring better food options and improving my diet.  There is a lot of Asian food available – the best, and lots of places to eat basic things like sandwiches, burgers, steak and hot chips, and that’s about it really.  I found myself spending lots of time in health food shops, online ordering special cook books and food books, researching recipes and understanding value of different foods.  I then started filling my suitcase with all these wonderful ingredients so that I could make things and eat better than what I was.  Now I have an Agent who orders my raw ingredients and send them on a ship to me.

Wholefoods is not about ‘weight’ loss food, or ‘clean’ food.  It’s focused on consuming foods that are prepared without losing too much of its nutritional value.  So we are still talking dairy, eggs, natural sugar like honey and maple syrup.

So I wanted to introduce a day where I could share some of my wholefoods that I prepare for myself, and so Saturday it is.


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