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A cute little blondie…


No, these are not healthy, there is no catch, these are original style blondies and not a fake.  But if you know me well enough… I’ll be experimenting and will have a ‘good’ version created soon, just so that I can enjoy more of it.  In saying that, pepitas are one of my favourite ingredients, and very healthy hence I had to add my little spin on this classic blondie.  One thing I really do love about blondies is that they are more welcoming to different flavours than brownies.

Brownies completely rock my baking world.  Chocolatey, dense and versatile.  I am not a real fan of white chocolate… it’s not really chocolate, but I like the idea of a bleached brownie.  So my Blondie today is quite simple, a handful of small cocoa butter chunks and a light sprinkle of pepitas.  There is a little teaser of Himalayan salt which you cant really tell is in there, but you would know if it wasn’t… salt actually makes things sweet.

You can do many things with brownies and blondies, as long as you have a good base recipe and the most important is the cooking time.  Brownies and blondies are subjective beings, some people like them barely cooked for the gooeyness in the centre, others like them cooked and slightly crunchy on the sides with a subtle chewy centre to look forward to.  If you’re a dipper (into your coffee or tea that is), then go on and try this.


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