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Is it a muffin or a mini cake?


It’s a muffin… with a few cake characteristics.  So what do we call it?  A muffin cake.

As my own recipes and combinations have developed, so too have my ideas of a regular muffin.  Toppings are so important, it’s the first bite, it’s the first impression and so it has to have texture and flavour.  There is no point in the special parts being at the bottom, who ever eats a muffin from the bottom??  So my muffins now have characteristics of a cake in that there are toppings, but the toppings are unique to muffins, we are talking nut butters, not hundreds and thousands, but speckles of nuts and seeds.

I made some special muffin cakes this morning, sour cherry balanced with choc chips and then a bit of crunch of goodness from the sunflower seeds.  The first bite will show off a creamy, sweet frosting made with nut butter and coconut.

I cant really tell you first hand how good these are, because every muffin cake made went to a Client this morning.  But I am sure


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