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Granola had me at Hello.


Coco Choco is my new home made granola and it’s a little gold medallist in my books .  This is taking me a little bit longer to post because I keep dipping into my bowl and enjoying the crunchy bits of chocolatey puffed buckwheat and toasted almonds… Occasionally I bite into a sticky piece of dried fruit, and a chocolate button and I am reminded of how special this snack is.  It is designed to eat with milk, or yoghurt, but I like the crunch and for those of you that know me well enough, you’ll be smiling and shaking your head because I like to make loud crunchy noises, when I am enjoying my food.

Is this healthy or not?  I am looking at the chocolate bits and I say to myself that if it were all melted into one piece, it wouldn’t really be that substantial, and then as I see the oats and dried fruit and the fact that it was lightly toasted in the oven with natural honey, chia seeds, cashew butter and coconut oil, I know I am eating something wholesome and healthy.  Do we really care about low fat?  Once upon a time, my fridge would be packed with diet this, low fat this, skim that… now I enjoy wholesome food, healthy food and moderate portions.  Exercise plays a huge part in my lifestyle so I can enjoy certain foods.


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