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And I am not sharing!


I need a good movie, a hot mocha and pillow to accompany me on this journey of pigging out.  Yes there is such a thing as a superfood indulgence.  This perfect little slice is so decadently loaded with nutty, chewy yumminess and topped with real simply melted chocolate, it doesn’t get any better than this in my world.  There is a good grating of fresh ginger dispersed throughout the ingredients and it is subtle but obvious, enough to close my eyes and wonder if chilli would work in this recipe.

I love how this recipe is a true superfood indulgence, it’s full of amazingness from the nut butter and amaranth.  Amaranth is high in protein and it adds a lovely chewy texture, a bit like tiny bursts of soft popcorn.

Next I will take this recipe to another place by using puffed buckwheat, dehydrated fruits and a smoochy caramel topping.


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