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Pepita, coconut & almond meal crumble w dollop of Dulce de Leche.


The muffins I made this morning, were random.  My intention was to make sour cherry and banana because I have these bananas sitting in my basket which are super ripe and the scent is calling out to bake.  But instead of sour cherry, my cooking took a small turn to the left with the freshly made Dulce de Leche.  These muffins are really quite basic being banana, but the topping is the special part, and by default most muffins are eaten from the top anyway right?  Imagine… because you cant eat these unless you are in the vicinity of the Edge Café in Port Moresby, a crunchy crumble made with coconut, crushed pepitas and almond meal and then a generous hit of Dulce de Leche.  Wow, this is a crazy good muffin.

I spent a few hours making Dulce de Leche sweetness yesterday, and it’s an eating addiction, where do you stop?  Certainly not at the first spoonful.


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