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I like mine with salt on the tomato, not touching the cheese, toasted & butterless… just a simple sandwich.


As a sandwich eater, have you ever thought of how complicated sandwiches have become?  Grated carrot, tomato, salt and pepper (on the tomato only!), slice of cheese and Japanese mayo (my little indulgence for the day), wholemeal, toasted, and butterless.  It’s a lot to remember for just a simple sandwich right?  Imagine getting over a hundred of these requests a day.

There is an art to making good sandwiches, they are not as simple as you think, and when it comes to selling sandwiches as a business, you have to be good, quick and know what you are doing.  Believe me, making a good sandwich now requires training.  I have a bit of first hand experience in this, but this article is more about how simple foods are now not as simple.

Is there such a thing as a perfect sandwich?  We all love our sandwiches in different ways, plain, toasted, wholemeal, white, wholegrain, gluten-free, breadless – yes breadless, I have seen people order sandwiches with the bread removed…  Then you need to address the layers and how the ingredients need to be layered… should the tomato touch the bread?  Should the salt and pepper go on the mayo or on the tomato?

How do you have yours?


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