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Wholefoods cooking school, FTG is registered and ready!


Very proud to see these on display.  The past few days have seen a few different flavours go through the Edge Café and they are sell outs, am I surprised?  Just a little, but it shows the clientele expectations for variety is getting greater and the willingness to try different flavour combinations is growing.  I am also pleased to know that wholefoods and alternative ingredients such as rye and spelt flour are becoming in more demand.  Now I have requests to prepare certain foods… I am loving it, I am feeding off the demand because it allows me to try new things and expand my horizons.

With that, I recently booked myself into a wholefoods cooking course and a vegan cooking course so that I can offer the absolute best in my product, and I have never been so excited to ‘study’ and ‘learn’ before.  Life is so interesting when you are doing things you love and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Wholefoods cooking school, FTG is registered and ready!

    • Hi Vasiliki,
      Yes I sell to this Café, and I am currently expanding my brand to be able to offer similar or customised products to other outlets or private consumers as well. Can you elaborate on your question on the management, do you mean with my time or how I market myself? Look forward to your reply.


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