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Blue (berry) & Green (matcha) cupcakes


Made with wholegrain spelt flour and coconut flour, these cupcakes make for a perfect treat for the weekend.  The contrast of green and blue is aesthetically appealing, but the flavours of blueberry and green matcha tea are perfectly matched.

As always, I like to make things a bit different and the cream on the top is far healthier than a normal frosting, we have a creamy cream cheese with a quarter of the sugar normally used and it pipes beautifully.  Quite often sugar is added to improve the texture, but with my adapted recipe, we can now have healthier cupcakes that are creamy and wholesome and with far less sugar – bonus right?

I was talking to a Customer at my Client’s café this morning and it was really wonderful chatting about food and he has requested for Chia overnight pudding for breakfast tomorrow morning, so I better get on with that.


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