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A reflection of 9 months into my Fock That’s Good journey…


Today will be 9 months into my FTG journey, a journey of sharing food, drinks and lifestyle.  It seems like forever that I have been doing this, and I say that with a positive note because it has been life changing and I have gained some followers along the way.  I think about my food and it always takes me to my principle of ‘everything counts’.  The quarter avocado in my smoothie today is enough vitamin E for the day… do you get my philosophy?   I write, not to change the world, but to share my personal journey.  Consequently, I have made small impact and FTG has become somewhat of a brand and something that can be enjoyed by others, not just myself or my family.

The Café on the Edge launched into new management a month ago, and with that FTG was introduced to the public, and it has gone well… no I am not surprised, I believe in my output because part of the recipes include heart and soul.

Am I ready for the next step?  Yes I think so, it’s a necessity for my own development to move to the next level.  So with that, I can say, ‘exciting times ahead’.

Poppy seed Palmiers, or Cashew Palmiers… It’s a nice choice to have right?  Well I am enjoying mine with a special smoothie made with avocado, orange, coconut water and kiwifruit.  You might say I am spoilt for choice, but this is not complicated, in fact it’s good wholesome food and it’s more simple than you think.


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