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A rare indulgence.

veg salad & roast pork

Rare means maybe a few times a year… Pork belly is a real favourite in my household.  I prepare this pork belly by marinating it in a few different ingredients – it kind of changes from time to time depending on what I have, but it always seems to turn out amazing – sticky, sweet, salty and everything that pork belly should be.  I think it comes down to the method of baking, firstly covered on high with foil, then turned down with foil removed, and turned over at least 3 times before switching off and letting it cool down, it’s a ritual, and as silly as it sounds, there is a certain fragrance in the air when the pork belly is done.

We have a guest staying with us at the moment, and I told him that this pork belly could get my brother in the car and on the way to our place if he knew this was cooking.  So it’s one thing I do well, best to be proud and share it right?

The salad was a highlight for me.  Everything except the feta cheese, was baked in the oven – we are talking cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin and fresh beetroot.  A strong salad with lots of bite and texture, I finished it with avocado and a sprinkle of raw pistachios.  So this was dinner tonight… gosh it feels good to be back in this kitchen and making food for the household.


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