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My version of peanut butter jelly…


And it tastes much like it believe it or not!  Soft and silky cashew butter with fresh, sweet strawberries on top of seed bread… amazingly good and a perfect way to start my day.  I shared my toast of crunchiness with a resident Italian chef who does a super good lasagne amongst other Italian favourites.  I love to see the response from people who try my foods, it’s usually an interesting

I started this blog in December of 2014 and I was posting almost everyday, sometimes a few times a day just being caught up in the excitement of taking food pics, and thinking of tasty and healthy eats to produce.  This grew into a facebook page and a small following, and which has now resulted in somewhat of a brand that can be found at the Edge Café on some days.  I am the first to admit that doing things on a large scale is quite hard, and the biggest challenge is maintaining that ‘special’ element.  I have made a conscious effort (as of yesterday) to get back to my blog and re-discovering my initial love of sharing food and its presentation.


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