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Sunday breakfast in a muffin.


I have been a little bit quiet over the past few weeks, I am currently commissioned to manage a quant little café in Port Moresby and introduce foods that are unique, healthy, fresh and quirky.  Something that is lacking and it is not because no body cant do it, it is a matter of obtaining all these wonderful ingredients and introducing a different mindset for the way foods are prepared and cooked.  A little bit of hard work in supplier relationships, and little bit of time sourcing quality, organic and natural ingredients is all it takes.  I am enjoying the training accept of my work where I get to show some of the team at the Café how ingredients can be used differently.

This morning I am introducing a Ricotta, sour cherry, coconut, Pepitas in one little bundle of warm muffin joy.  Muffins are so forgiving and accommodating, if you have an amazing muffin base recipe and you know your flours, then muffins can be a satisfying little hobby to adopt.  Playing around with flavours is a lot of fun, and I haven’t come across one combination yet that has turned out a treat.  Happy Breakfast my friends, wish I could share these with you.


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