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Spelt & Coconut Flour Cakes w Giant Choc-chips


The more I use alternative flours, the more confident I am to continue experimenting, particularly with the result on these delicious delights.

These cakes are made with my own variation on a vanilla cupcake from the The Crabapple Bakery cookbook using majority coconut and spelt flour and only a third with plain flour, I also increased the milk portion as I know that coconut flour requires more moisture when used in baking recipes.  Whilst the original version is amazing, the coconut flour adds another dimension to the final taste, and the texture seems lighter and more moist.  The only way to really tell, is if you go to my recipe section and give them a go.  My 3 year old inhales them, and a good friend of mine tried one and couldn’t believe they were a ‘low gluten’ cake.  Part of the secret to this recipe is to ensure that the eggs and butter are at room temperature and that sugar is dissolved during the beating process.




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