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When your omelette is bigger than the bread…


Just eat the omelette!  I have been wanting a solo omelette for a while now, this means I can have eggs my way, with my ingredients and without any criticism or complaints.  There are 3 people in this household with 3 different favourite ways of making eggs.

So what I had for lunch today was… a double egg mix with coriander and thyme (from my herb garden), half a tomato (from my veg garden), and a chunk of feta cheese left over from a salad a few nights ago.  Do I have to explain how the omelette was cooked?  I will only say that it took me 5 minutes, if that.  Then smothered the top of the omelette with some Kasundi which is an Indian style of relish usually made with tomatoes, and then put my creation in between two slices of undersized bread… or was it that my omelette was oversized?  Either way, I couldn’t wait to breath it in after the shoot.


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